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All standards for Foundations of Algebra & Practice


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Foundations of Algebra A (Fall)

Week 1 (Unit 1)

Group Problem Solving Activities

Week 2 (Unit 1)

Group Problem Solving Activities

Week 3 (Unit 1)



Prime Climb Handout

Prime vs. Composite Numbers Handout

Least Common Multiples Handout

Prime Factorization

    • Expanded Form Handout

    • Exponent Form Handout


Week 4 (Unit 1)

Special Definition of Multiplication: Groups X Items in Each Group = Items in ALL groups

Units and why it is important to use them in problems

The following problems were done using our definitions of multiplication and division only. Rates and Ratios were not taught yet:

  • Practice computing Distance pg. 35

  • Practice computing Rates pg. 34

  • Practice Computing Time of Travel pg. 33

  • Practice computing Mileage pg. 36

  • Practice solving word problems in different contexts with correct units pg. 37

Week 5 (Unit 1)

Introduction to Number Line

Graphing points on a Number Line

Using a number line to add integers pg. 177 #1-24

Graphing inequalities on a Number Line pg. 205 #1-10

Definition of a Fraction A/B

End of Academic Recovery Period

Week 6 (Unit 1)

All students: Changing words into mathematics pg.188-191

Conversion of Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers using Fraction Strips Diagrams pg. 41 #1-27

Handout: Math Words and Fraction Packet

Handout: 20X20 Multiplication Table

Numerators vs. denominators

Week 7 (Unit 1)

Finding Greatest Common Factors pg. 43 #1-18

Reducing Fractions

How to Use Your Chromebook

How to Log in to Ck-12 on your Chromebook and Phone

Adding and Subtracting Integers

Week 8 (Unit 1)

Place Value

Brief introduction to Decimals


Week 9 (Unit 1)

Revisiting the definition of a fraction

Adding and Subtracting Fractions with Common Denominators

Equivalent Fractions

Finding Common Denominators

End of Academic Recovery Period

Week 10 (Unit 1)

Handout: Finding the shaded value

Fraction Multiplication


Week 11 (Unit 1)

Definition of Division

Day 1: Fraction Division (Whole number divided by fraction & whole number division that results in a fraction)

Day 2: Fraction Division (Fraction divided by a whole number & fraction divided by a fraction)

Graduated Cylinder Activity (Large Font)

Day 3: Continue activity

Week 12 (Unit 1)

Day 4: Fraction Division Algorithm

Locating fractions on a number line

Comparing fractions using a double number line

Week 13 (Unit 1)

Refresher on Place Values

Comparing decimals using place value

Locating decimals on a number line

Adding and Subtracting Decimals

Multiplying decimals

Division of decimals

Changing improper fractions to decimals

Week 14 (Unit 1)

Changing mixed numbers to decimals

Coin Denominations

Counting Money

Comparing decimals to fractions on a number line

Mixed Numbers on a Number Line

Week 15 (Unit 1)

Unit 1 Exam


Test 1 Re-Take Friday after school

Week 16 (Unit 2)

Exponents and their Properties

Test 1 FINAL Re-Take during class

C Group - Perfect Squares and Perfect Cubes, Square Roots and Cube Roots

Properties of Addition and Multiplication

Order of Operations

Evaluation & Substitution into Algebraic Expressions

Week 17 (Unit 2)

Add, Subtract, and Multiply Algebraic Expressions

Week 18 (Unit 2)

Perimeter and Circumference

Area of circles, right triangles, squares, and rectangles

General use of formulas

Foundations of Algebra B (Spring)

Students, please log into ixl.com with your username and password. Then click the following links to practice.

Week 1 (Unit 3)

Write a ratio: word problems (6-R.3)

Solving proportions (6-R.13)

Quiz 1

Week 2 (Unit 3)

Identify equivalent ratios (6-R.4)

Ratio tables (6-R.6)

Review: Decimal Division

Review: Decimal Multiplication

Review: Convert between decimals and fractions or mixed numbers (8-D.4)

Review: Solving proportions (advanced) (7-J.11)

Percents of numbers and money amounts (6-S.5)

Week 3 (Unit 3)

Quiz 2

Equivalent ratios: word problems (6-R.7)

Equivalent rates (6-R.9)

Compare ratios: word problems (6-R.10)

Week 4 (Unit 3)

Solve percent equations (7-L.7)

Review: Multiply a decimal by a power of ten (5-I.2)

Sale prices (6-V.5)

Review: Write fractions in lowest terms (4-P.11)

Sale prices: find the original price (6-V.6)

Quiz 3

Week 5 (Unit 3)

Objects on a Coordinate Plane

Graph points on a coordinate plane

Review: Square roots of perfect squares (8-F.15)

Review: Pythagorean theorem: find the length of the hypotenuse (8-R.1)

Review: Pythagorean Theorem: Find the missing leg length

Week 6 (Unit 3)

Review:Solve equations using cube roots (8-F.21)

Review:Unit rates (6-R.8)

Graph a proportional relationship using slope (7-K.9)

Review: Place values in decimal numbers (5-G.4)

Review: Round decimals (5-G.7)

Find the constant of proportionality from a graph (8-I.4)

Review: Graph and order fractions on number lines (4-P.20)

Find the constant of proportionality from a table (8-I.1)

Interpret graphs of proportional relationships (8-I.9)

Extra test preparation:

Sale prices: find the original price (7-M.9)

Review: Multiply 2-digit numbers by 3-digit numbers (5-C.14)

Identify equivalent fractions (4-P.7)

Percents of numbers: word problems (6-S.6)

Solve proportions: word problems (7-J.12)

Sale prices: find the original price (7-M.9)

Week 7 (Unit 4)

Module 3 Exam

Review: Multiplication facts to 12 (4-D.4)

Review: Multiply a 2-digit number by a 2-digit number: complete the missing steps

Review: Multiply a 2-digit number by a 2-digit number

Review: Does x satisfy an equation? (6-Z.1)

Review: Which x satisfies an equation? (6-Z.2)

Solve one-step equations with whole numbers (6-Z.6)

Model and solve equations using algebra tiles (6-Z.4)

Write and solve equations that represent diagrams (6-Z.5)

Week 8 (Unit 4)

Review: Properties of equality (8-W.5)

Review: Add and subtract positive and negative fractions (7-H.9)

Review: Multiply unit fractions by whole numbers (4-S.5)

Review: Reciprocals (6-L.2)

Review: Multiply and divide positive and negative fractions (7-H.14)

Review: Divide fractions (6-L.5)

Find the number of solutions (8-W.15)

Review: Add, subtract, multiply, or divide two fractions (6-O.7)

Solve one-step equations with whole numbers (6-Z.6)

Solve one-step equations with decimals, fractions, and mixed numbers (6-Z.7)

Extra Quiz Practice:

Find the number of solutions (8-W.15)

Solve one-step equations: word problems (6-Z.8)

Solve equations: word problems (7-S.7)

Solve equations: word problems (8-W.14)

Week 9 (Unit 4)

Basics Made Easy pg. 197

Basics Made Easy pg. 198

Basics Made Easy pg. 199

Basics Made Easy pg. 200

Basics Made Easy pg. 201

Basics Made Easy pg. 202

Week 10 (Unit 4)

Review: Basics Made Easy pg. 180

Review: Basics Made Easy pg. 181 #1-27

Week 11 (Unit 4) ONLINE

Solve two step equations (Level 1)

Review: Basics Made Easy pg. 177

Review: Basics Made Easy pg. 179